Thank you to everyone who participated!

Our 2013 winners were announced at STEMfest.

First Place: Pacemaker by Andy Sima

"It was the phone call that started it all.  Humphrey Beaumont, the business tycoon and controversial public figure, was out of office on the day his partners in Hawaii called for an emergency conference on Maui."

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Second Place: The Hounds by Dessa Leonard

"This is a Code 42. I repeat, Code 42. Begin sealing the building."

"No! Let us out!!"

"The building has been sealed commander."

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Third Place: Synthetic Biology by Lauren Brazeau

My name is Dr. Thomas F. Watson. I'm a geneticist from Baltimore, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the Human Genome Project. I was there from the very beginning, and up until it's completion in 2003. Once the project had been finished, I decided to leave the field.

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