• Dare to explore the spooky science of our hugely popular Haunted Physics Lab.
  • Dissect your very own cow eyeball.
  • Play First-Person-View RC Soccer in Xtreme Soccer's immersive gaming experience.
  • Find your new favorite book at the STEM Book Fair.
  • Explore the Sub-Ice Rover (SIR), a submarine designed to investigate the deepest waters of the Antarctic
  • Contribute your imagination to the interactive art installation using Brackitz construction pieces. 
  • Use your imagination and skills to design, build, and test a suspension bridge.
  • Program and fly drones around the NIU Convocation Center Gymnasium
  • Collaborate to design a Lego Town in both the virtual and real world.
  • Investigate a “crime scene” with ThermoFisher Scientific.
  • Meet the NIU Steeldrum Band and see how they make their unique drums.
  • Examine cell cultures under a microscope.
  • Check the vital signs on a simulated patient.
  • Explore the mirrors, lenses, and kaleidoscopes from NIU's STEM Exploration Labs.
  • Experience hands-on VR/AR technology. 
  • Capture your shadow as you dance in front of our Flash Shadow Wall.
  • Investigate the forces of nature in STEM Exploration Lab exhibits renovated with the help of the DeKalb County Community Foundation.
  • Learn to solder.
  • Check out summer camp possibilities.
  • Try your hand at maneuvering an underwater robot.
  • Be shocked by one of the many Van de Graaff generators.
  • Hum along with the singing Tesla coil as it plays one of your favorite tunes.
  • Stop by the 3D printers to see what we are creating.
  • Talk to the students who designed a car that gets 1700 miles per gallon.
  • Experience fog created with the cool of dry ice.
  • Explore ceramics and material science with the American Ceramic Society
  • Talk with innovators in science, technology, engineering and math from across northern Illinois.
  • Attend mini presentations throughout the day by regional STEM celebrities. See the Stage Schedule.
  • Check out the super mileage vehicle and other award winning vehicles designed by NIU students.
  • Grab a snack or lunch at the concession stand.
  • Tackle activities to earn a patch for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Youth Groups
  • Observe robotic devices from regional teams.
  • Inspect a selection of snakes, reptiles and other creepy crawlies from the Midwest Museum of Natural History.
  • Draw on your creative, teaming and problem-solving skills with instant challenges from Destination Imagination, Inc.

Visit this page for updates as we add activities and exhibitors!


STEMFest 2019 is Saturday, October 19th!

Please keep me informed of upcoming events!